Are You Making Career Choices With Courage?

The first of a new monthly series called "Courageous Career Choices" is done! I'm interviewing people from all industries, both entrepreneurs and employees, who have made intentional decisions (not just major career changes) to do work that's aligned with their values. 

The goal is to to inspire you if you're curious about:

  • the impact that our work can have on our health 
  • what makes people move from thinking about leaving their jobs to actually taking action
  • how to manage stress and prioritize wellness when in a big transition (or simply in your everyday life!)

The first interview was with Jen of Wander Free Wellness. You can watch here (just skip to the 1 minute 30 second mark to ignore the tech trouble!) or head to the Facebook  page if you want to leave a comment or question. The next three months are scheduled and in the events section there so you can RSVP to receive a reminder when we're going live! I truly hope you enjoy this series.