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boston career coach
Boston Career Coach

Boston Voyager Magazine

Featured as a Trailblazer in Boston and interviewed about everything from how Aspire with Aileen came to be to advice for women beginning their careers.

boston career coach


This lifestyle podcast is all about helping people manifest their dreams. In this episode we cover tons of tips including:
- Defining success for yourself and preventing/recovering from burnout
- The framework to use to break down and determine what you want out of your work
- The #1 resource I recommend to people in this space
- How to move past fear to make a change

boston career coach

Healthy View Radio

Andrea Beaman, Michelle Pfeninghaus, and Lisa Lewtan are experts in the health and wellness field. I connect with them in this episode starting at the 40 minute mark. 

boston career coach

Full interview about how interconnected work and wellness are, along with best practices for feeling like your best self!

Wellness in a nutshell

boston career coach
boston career coach

Healthy Chicks

Community Feature

boston career coach
boston career coach

Health and Fitness Connector Podcast 

You Are What Your Skin Eats episode

boston career coach

Podcast interviews with Melissa Danielle

Episode 148: Why Loving Your Work Matters

Episode 149: Can a Career Coach Help You Grow Your Health Coaching Practice?