I felt as though she genuinely cared about each of our future professional successes

Aileen has the gift of clarity of communication. I never found myself bored listening to what she had to say, and found value in nearly every sentence she uttered. That might sound like hyperbole, but it's really not!


Constantly engaged, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in helping students improve their career-building skills. Really outstanding stuff.


Aileen was very professional in presenting professional development content, but she was also personable and open to questions and comments from students. She was very thorough in explaining the concepts and was an excellent facilitator during in-class peer exercises. She is clearly comfortable with the subject matter.


Her sense of humor was fantastic and she did a great job soliciting student feedback and participation during class discussions.


Aileen was very good at covering the information in the allotted time while always leaving ample time for questions. She was very approachable, created a fun, respectful atmosphere in the class that enabled students to ask questions/share personal stories freely. Aileen was also a very enthusiastic presenter; she made the class very enjoyable.


Aileen is incredibly well-spoken, experienced and knowledgeable about the career fields which we seek to pursue, and worked to engage the class in all aspects of our professional development conversations and activities.


I found Aileen very helpful. She was clear in group presentations, and approachable in one-on-one settings. She encouraged and facilitated my deeper use of career services resources, and I would trust her enough to ask her advice and counsel in the future.

Aileen clearly communicated effective strategies on a wide range of career-related fronts. She encouraged a collaborative, open environment during each session.


I felt like Aileen did a great job of eliciting student feedback and responding genuinely and specifically to everyone's comments. You knew that if you asked a question or made a point, Aileen would take it seriously and find a way to make it a constructive part of the lesson for the day. It was a very comfortable environment in which to ask questions and share personal best practices experiences.


Aileen is absolutely lovely and presented everything clearly, concisely, and articulately.


Gave lots of examples (both positive and negative). Tried to make students think for themselves and directed them to resources. Had a friendly and cheerful demeanor which helped people feel more comfortable talking about themselves and their professional goals.


Aileen obviously knew the content very well, and was able to make it very accessible to us. She was often able to use real-life examples to illustrate her points, and demonstrate how she would respond in certain situations. I found her overview of interviewing skills particularly great, as she advised how to answer questions re: strengths/weaknesses, and gave a great answer of her own.


She was very clear and well spoken. She was also very candid about the challenges that most job seekers face and gave concrete examples which were very helpful. She is very approachable and down to earth, which makes asking the hard (sometimes embarrassing) questions easier.


Aileen was engaging and knowledgeable. She brought some great anecdotes that illustrated her points well. I felt as though she genuinely cared about each of our future professional successes and I learned a lot in her sessions. Thank you, Aileen!!