Photo Credit: Pure Style Photography

Photo Credit: Pure Style Photography

As someone who likes to plan everything in her life, it was beyond unsettling when I thought I knew what I wanted to do, had a plan, and then realized that I actually didn’t want to continue down that path. I had this experience back in my undergraduate days after spending a good portion of my life, and college credits, working towards becoming an elementary school teacher. It wasn’t until my final year that I let myself acknowledge what my gut was telling me for some time – that it ultimately was not the right fit. 

I've always known I wanted to dedicate my career to helping others, but it took working with a career counselor to figure out what path made the most sense. I’ve now spent the last 10 years career coaching thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. I couldn’t be happier that I listened to that nagging feeling, as I can sincerely say that I found my true passion.

My experience in higher education institutions ranges from schools as specialized as Berklee College of Music to as broad as Northeastern University. Most recently, my work at The Fletcher School at Tufts University was with graduate students and alumni who focused on careers within the public sector, energy/environment, think tanks, trade, and national security/defense. While these are some of my areas of specialization, I continue to advise people on all career fields in my private practice. From guiding individuals through self-exploration to making tactical career transitions, I love what I do and want to help others be able to say the same.  

My assistant, Buster  Photo Credit: Pure Style Photography

My assistant, Buster

Photo Credit: Pure Style Photography

eDUCATIONal Background

  • Master of Science, Applied Educational Psychology; Concentration in College Student Development and Counseling, Northeastern University, 2009

  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology; Minor in Spanish; Concentration in Elementary Education, Villanova University, 2006

Related Certifications

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Certified, Center for Applications of Psychological Type

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