How to Prevent Decision Fatigue

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Whether you’re thinking of making changes in your work world or not, everyone could use a little more energy, right?

We make up to 35,000 decisions per day.

Many of us are feeling the fatigue that come with that reality.

This blog post I wrote is all about how to cut down on decisions to introduce more ease into your days and make space in your brain for the kind of thoughts you want.

I break things down into three simple options: automation, delegation, and prioritization.

Do you have other strategies to preserve your energy and prevent mental fatigue? Let me know!

How to Spend Less Stocking a Healthy Pantry

Two things that can drain your energy?

Grocery shopping and stressing about spending money (which often go hand in hand!).

One resource that addresses both of these?

Thrive Market.

What is Thrive? It’s a “membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to our members at wholesale prices, and to sponsor free memberships for low-income American families.”

The way I describe it? Think Whole Foods meets Costco meets Amazon Prime... with a philanthropic mission. They aim to “make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone” and “when you buy a Thrive Market membership, you’re also donating one to a low-income family, teacher, veteran, or student.” You can learn more about how they give back on their site, and if you want a free 30-day trial + 25% off your first order you can sign up here*.

Prices for everything are 25-50% off retail, and while you do pay an annual membership fee of $59.95, most members make back their membership fee in savings within their first 2 orders. I’ve been a member for about 3 years now… and

I saved $3,144 last year alone (!!).

I’ve found that I’m much more efficient when I grocery shop now and dread it less. I’m essentially just buying the produce I need and then I’m outta there, Supermarket Sweep style (if you didn’t grow up watching that show I’m sorry you missed out)!

Image from Chowhound

Image from Chowhound

Below is a breakdown of my typical purchases and the cost savings I see. To note, I’m comparing prices to Whole Foods because it’s the closest store to me that stocks these items.

You may notice less of a price difference compared to where you shop (for example, Wegman’s may have comparable prices, but it may be super far from you, or maybe you need to go to multiple stores when shopping to get all of the items you need).

I factor the time savings and convenience of Thrive into my evaluation of it (I used to send some orders directly to work to stock my snack drawer!), along with the perks of stocking up during sales and leveraging the free gifts they offer too.


  • Coconut aminos: 6.99 Whole Foods or 4.99 Thrive = $2.00 savings

  • Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar: 4.39 Whole Foods vs 3.19 Thrive = $1.20 savings

  • Red Boat Fish Sauce: 8.99 Whole Foods vs 7.49 Thrive = $1.50 savings

  • Fourth & Heart Grass Fed Original Ghee: 12.99 Whole Foods vs 11.99 Thrive = $1.00 savings

  • Nutiva Refined Organic Coconut Oil: 11.99 Whole Foods vs 8.99 Thrive = $3.00 savings


  • Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour: 11.99 Whole Foods vs 8.99 Thrive = $3.00 savings (P.S. my favorite recipe I make with this is the Detoxinista Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies!)

  • Bob’s Red Mill Organic Coconut Flour: 4.99 Whole Foods vs 3.99 Thrive = $1.00 savings


  • Epic Performance Bar, Lemon: 22.41 Whole Foods vs 19.99 Thrive = $2.42 savings

  • Artisana Cashew Butter: 16.99 Whole Foods vs 13.49 Thrive = $3.50 savings

  • Artisana Raw Tahini: 12.99 Whole Foods vs 7.99 Thrive = $5.00 savings

  • Purely Elizabeth Grain Free Granola: 6.99 Whole Foods vs 4.94 Thrive = $2.05 savings

  • Siete Chips: 4.99 Whole Foods vs 4.39 Thrive = $0.60 savings (this adds up when you eat these as much as we do! 😊)

  • Rao’s Tomato Sauce: 8.99 Whole Foods vs 8.69 Thrive = $.30 savings (I like that I don’t have to lug heavy items like this and stock up my pantry with about 4 at a time)

  • Banza Chickpea Pasta: 8.99 Whole Foods vs 8.39 Thrive = $0.60 savings

Personal Care Products / House Supplies:

  • Dr Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap: 17.98 Whole Foods vs 12.99 Thrive = $4.99 savings (this does go on sale at WF a lot though!)

  • I also get laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, and pregnancy/baby products.

Lastly, back to the gifts! Each order can include a free gift, which you pick from a selection based on how much you’ve spent. They also do deals with certain companies every single week. Some free gifts I’ve gotten over the years:  paleo dressings and sauces, protein powders, and a reusable steel water bottle ($32).

As we welcome a baby girl into our family in the next few weeks, and time becomes that much more precious, I imagine that I’m going to love Thrive even more than I already do. I hope it helps make living a healthy life easier for you, too!

If you want to give it a try, click here* for a free 30-day trial membership + 25% off of your first order.

Let me know if you have any questions and happy saving!

*this is an affiliate link: if you become a full member I’ll receive $25 from Thrive as a thank you for spreading the word.

Coffee: The Great Debate

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Did you know that Americans spend around $1,000/year on coffee? I’m not judging, as I love a fancy latte as much as the next person (Blue Bottle, anyone?!).

But this substance is one of the most hotly debated in the health world, and there are a few facts about it that are particularly important to note if you’re workin’ on your wellness. Learn more in my blog post here.

If you feel like you’re constantly stressed, have trouble falling/staying asleep, and/or feel your sleep quality is poor, I’d nudge you to ask yourself “should I rethink that drink?”

If you don’t feel like any of these describe you, or you just don’t feel like reading, it’s all good!

The last thing I’ll share is that non-organic coffee is one of the most chemically-treated crops around, so if you imbibe regularly that’s something to consider.

My favorite organic options for home brewing? Hu Kitchen and Thrive Market.  If you’ve never used Thrive before, I wrote a post all about how it can help you save time and money when stocking your house with healthy staples.

Whatever you choose to drink, cheers!

Non-Slimy Chia Seed Pudding

Want a nutrient dense breakfast that takes under 2 minutes to make INCLUDING batching breakfasts for the week!? Look no further. I've been making this simple recipe on repeat, and there are so many variations that it’s hard to get sick of it!

Chia seeds are a superfood high in fiber, antioxidants, protein, omega 3's (they have more than salmon gram for gram!), and calcium (higher amount gram for gram than most dairy products).

Most recipes have you soak them but I don't love their texture after they absorb liquids (hence the title, non-slimy!), so here's my version:

  • 3TB chia seeds

  • 1TB cacao

  • 1 cup non dairy milk (the creaminess of coconut milk is great in this)

  • Optional: 1 date or 1/2 TB maple syrup, or throw berries on top to sweeten

  • Optional: 1TB of organic peanut butter and a scoop of collagen to add more protein and gut perks (plus who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate?).

  • Simply throw everything in a blender for a minute until it's mixed and store in the fridge until you’re ready for it.

This takes such little time to make yet keeps you full for hours. It’s also easy to transport (just throw it in a mason jar or small tupperware) so you can bring it to work and know you’ll have a healthy and filling breakfast or snack easily at your fingertips that will keep your blood sugar and energy levels steady.

Let me know if you give it a try and which variations you make!

boston health coach
boston health coach
boston health coach

Designing Your Life + Giveaway!

I’m starting the week with a way to make your future workweeks more enjoyable!

Over the last 10+ years of career coaching, I've had many people come to me because they disliked the work they did but had no idea how to figure out what they'd enjoy more. This usually came with fear around making the "wrong" choice, and a lot of overwhelm.

boston career coach

I still meet people who feel this way every week, and I've found that this is the book I'm constantly recommending as a starting point. It has lots of practical exercises and prompts to help people move from feeling stuck to taking productive action.

I've had clients call this book "life changing" so I'm giving away a new copy to hopefully positively impact the life of the winner!

To enter, head over to my Instagram page and follow the simple prompts (*This giveaway is now closed*).

If you’re not interested in the giveaway but you're not feeling fulfilled by your work, here's part of the model I use with clients to help them brainstorm/assess other options. I encourage you to stop asking friends or googling "jobs in <insert your location>" when trying to make a change - start with YOU.

When you find something that aligns with your VIPS, that's when it all clicks.

boston career coach
boston career coach

To be clear, I don't think a "perfect career" exists - every job will have tasks you'd rather not do or things you don't love, even if you work for yourself. But, as cliche as it sounds, when you love what you do, work feels less like work. You’re also less likely to experience chronic stress and burnout.

How might you take some time to pause and reflect on these parts of yourself?

It may seem simple, but it can help you get a better sense of where your dissatisfaction is coming from and also have a framework to evaluate new options.

Happy exploring!

Courageous Career Choices: Episode 5

The fifth episode of the "Courageous Career Choices" monthly series is up! I'm interviewing people from all industries, both entrepreneurs and employees, who have made intentional decisions (not just major career changes) to do work that's aligned with their values. The goal is to to inspire you if you're curious about:

  • the impact that our work can have on our health 
  • what makes people move from thinking about leaving their jobs to actually taking action
  • how to manage stress and prioritize wellness when in a big transition (or simply in your everyday life!)
boston career coach

In this episode, we're speaking with Kristin Thomas, Founder of Thrive by Food. She's a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach, and she shares many wonderful tips on how she found her way to starting this business.

Catch the replay here, and leave and comments/questions directly on the FB page!

Fight Stress With These 5 Foods

Do you want to use food to mitigate some of the impact that stress has on your health?

If you answered yes, this means that you:

  • Understand that being in a perpetual state of stress isn’t good for anything
  • Are tired of feeling exhausted and run down, and are open to taking action to feel like your best self so you can do more of what you love (and feel better when doing it!)
  • Are open-minded to using a holistic approach to make changes and figure out what works for your body and mind

I've put together a free guide, 5 Foods that Fight Stress, to show you some of the ways that stress steals from you, and some simple ways to take back your health.

Based on the info shared, you’ll…

  • Have a better understanding of where comfort food cravings come from
  • Know which delicious foods to seek out to nourish yourself and help balance your body, resulting in increased energy, less time fighting colds, and better sleep so you can wake up refreshed and ready for your day
  • Eat chocolate without judging yourself for it
  • Feel like you have more options than just sucking it up and assuming you simply have to feel this way
boston health coach

I hope you take a peek at these simple foods and start eating your way to less stress and better health soon!  

How to Stress Less and Sleep More

Have you ever experienced this vicious cycle? It goes like this:

boston corporate wellness

You're stressed out, so you have trouble sleeping, but then because you're not getting enough sleep, you feel more stressed. When you get up, after hitting the snooze button a few times and only being resuscitated by a caffeinated beverage, you still feel like a shell of yourself.

You know that 3pm coffee isn't going to help your head when it hits the pillow, but it seems like the only way you're going to make it through that afternoon meeting. So the cycle continues...

Learn how to break that cycle and restore your energy.

This free training focuses on stress and sleep, and the impact both have on our health and job performance. You'll discover how to take make lasting changes no matter what your life looks like or how busy you are. With these simple but effective tools, you can get back to feeling like your best self.

Catch the replay of the Stress Less, Sleep More live training here, and/or reach out for a free consultation to learn more about how to support your own efforts to get your energy, and life, back. 

Are You Making Career Choices With Courage?

The first of a new monthly series called "Courageous Career Choices" is done! I'm interviewing people from all industries, both entrepreneurs and employees, who have made intentional decisions (not just major career changes) to do work that's aligned with their values. 

The goal is to to inspire you if you're curious about:

  • the impact that our work can have on our health 

  • what makes people move from thinking about leaving their jobs to actually taking action

  • how to manage stress and prioritize wellness when in a big transition (or simply in your everyday life!)

What's Your Weakness?

In the 10 years I've spent helping people move from feeling nervous to confident before interviewing, this is often the questions that's most dreaded by my clients. 

When asked "Describe a weakness of yours?" it's important to first and foremost think about WHY the employer is asking you the question.

What do they actually care about and hope to learn?

This video will discuss what the question within the question is here, as well as three strategies for structuring your answer. For a complete guide to answering this, along with the "Tell me about yourself" question, you can download my free guide to the two most dreaded interview questions here.

You can also grab more free interviewing tips here, and how to answer negative interview questions here. I LOVE doing mock interviews, so if you're ready to get out of your comfort zone and practice, reach out for a free consult to set yours up!

Health and Fitness Connector Podcast Interview

I'm so excited to share another podcast interview with you! Kelly Duggan of the Health and Fitness Connector Podcast and I spoke all about why loving your work matters and what to do if you don't. We pivoted to talking even more in depth about wellness with a specific focus on the toxins/chemicals in our personal care products. 

Here is the episode: You Are What Your SKIN Eats

Want more in depth information on this topic? My other blog post digs deep into the connection between our personal care products and our health. 

What was most surprising to you when you learned more about what's in our products? What's been the hardest thing for you to transition to a "cleaner" version? 

How to Create an Effective Job Search Strategy

There are many common missteps that happen when trying to land a job. Submitting applications and never hearing back or refreshing your inbox every few minutes to find out whether or not you have been selected can certainly make you feel helpless.

Learn how to use a simple, two-pronged, proactive approach to feel energized and empowered instead. The more you operate from this position of strength when searching, the more motivated you'll be to take time to do the work AND you'll have more energy to do other things you love.

3 Ways to Make Your Resume Stronger

There are three things that every resume should aim to do, regardless of your level of experience, or which industry or position is at hand. These are tools which will help you maximize the way employers and recruiters scan through your document, ensuring you can get as much information across in as short of an amount of time as possible. 

This quick video will walk you through each of these tips! 

If you're ready for more information, here are two related blog posts with more resume tips, or reach out for a free consultation to ask questions specific to your situation:

What Should You Include on Your Resume versus Cover Letter?

One of the biggest sources of frustration when writing a cover letter is trying to decide what information is most relevant to include for employers. Many people wonder if they're allowed to repeat information that's on their resume, and others wonder how much detail to go into overall.

This video will walk you through an exercise that will help you determine what employers want to read in cover letters, and how to assess which parts of your background are most important to include.

The even better news? The activity I recommend in this video is also an incredible way to prep for interviews, too! 

How Long Should A Cover Letter Be?

One of my goals for 2018 is to create more video content, knowing that people have different learning styles and also feel more connected when they can see the person they're learning from. 

...truthfully, this was a goal for 2017 but I procrastinated because while I love presenting, shooting and editing videos of myself is a totally different experience! I know I'll get more comfortable and my true personality will come out more with time, so I'm honoring this growth period and not letting perfection be the enemy of good. 

So without further adieu. here is my first video (outside of my online coaching program)! It's called "How Long Should A Cover Letter Be?" and you can view it through clicking below.

If you learn better through reading, you can see this information in my previous cover letter blog posts or my free comprehensive guide. If you have questions, leave a note in the video comments! 


How To Figure Out Your Career Path

When evaluating career paths, it can be tempting to look everywhere but inside of yourself for the answers. Common questions that come up when exploring ideas are: What’s valued by society? What does my family think? Hey, Google- what pays the most and where’s the growth? Which companies are rated the best to work for?

While some of the information than can be gleaned from these questions can be useful, it’s wildly ineffective to start there.

What Can You Do With a Health Coaching Certification?

Do you have a passion for health and wellness? Find yourself consumed reading all of the latest research about a superfood or health hack? Are you thinking about bringing some of this into your professional life and wondering how to boost your credentials?

If so, read on.