How to Prevent Decision Fatigue

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Whether you’re thinking of making changes in your work world or not, everyone could use a little more energy, right?

We make up to 35,000 decisions per day.

Many of us are feeling the fatigue that come with that reality.

This blog post I wrote is all about how to cut down on decisions to introduce more ease into your days and make space in your brain for the kind of thoughts you want.

I break things down into three simple options: automation, delegation, and prioritization.

Do you have other strategies to preserve your energy and prevent mental fatigue? Let me know!

4 Reasons You’re So Tired (and what to do about it)

Do you hit the snooze button four times before peeling yourself out of bed? Daydream about stealing a quick nap under the conference table during that afternoon meeting? Don’t feel like a real human until you’ve have a certain number of cups of coffee?

These trending images and messages of the sentiment “but first coffee” are cute, but they point to the bigger question at hand… why are we all so tired?!

Slow Down to Up Your Productivity

Do you ever notice that some of your clearest or most creative thinking happens in the moments you least expect it? Perhaps in the shower or right as you’re falling asleep?

In our society, we’re taught to “suck it up” or “power through” to get to these thoughts. If you’re stumped on a problem or have writer’s block, the common solution that’s encouraged is chugging coffee or chaining yourself to your desk until all hours of the night until something changes.

This is completely counterintuitive and science shows it’s actually the most inefficient way to achieve your objectives.