Courageous Career Choices: Episode 5

The fifth episode of the "Courageous Career Choices" monthly series is up! I'm interviewing people from all industries, both entrepreneurs and employees, who have made intentional decisions (not just major career changes) to do work that's aligned with their values. The goal is to to inspire you if you're curious about:

  • the impact that our work can have on our health 
  • what makes people move from thinking about leaving their jobs to actually taking action
  • how to manage stress and prioritize wellness when in a big transition (or simply in your everyday life!)
boston career coach

In this episode, we're speaking with Kristin Thomas, Founder of Thrive by Food. She's a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach, and she shares many wonderful tips on how she found her way to starting this business.

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