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Interviewing + Presenting Yourself

Whether you’re applying to external opportunities, communicating with colleagues to get a promotion, or networking to expand your professional relationships, you have to know how to present yourself.

It can be challenging to gauge what to say and how to effectively tailor your message to the audience at hand. In this interactive virtual training, we’ll cover EVERYTHING from formal interview prep (including how to answer the dreaded “Tell me about yourself” question!) to presenting yourself in these other contexts.

Can’t make this date? RSVP and you’ll receive a recording after the event.

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Healthy Wealthy and Slim Summit

Do you wake up exhausted and overwhelmed? Ready to finally gain back your childhood energy, vitality, and healthy glow?  It is with honor that I invite you to join me in this completely FREE action packed, information filled and transformational interview series HEALTHY WEALTHY AND SLIM; Because YOU Deserve it ALL! Her stand is that Health is everything to everyone, Wealth is abundance and the invitation of what we truly want into our lives and Slim is the chance that you (our viewers) will fall back into your self-defeating old habits when you follow us. 

Sandy has a diverse line-up for this summit (I’m honored to be included!)), including health and wellness experts, speakers, authors, business and success coaches and even love and relationship coaches and mentors. Tune in for this free summit and register here.

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Overwhelmed to Empowered: Simplify Your Job Search

You sit down in front of your computer thinking, “Okay, it's job search time!” and then 3 hours and 30 open browser tabs later you're left questioning what you’ve accomplished. 

There are many common missteps that happen when trying to land a job. Submitting applications and never hearing back or refreshing your inbox every few minutes to find out whether or not you have been selected can certainly make you feel helpless.

Learn how to use a simple, two-pronged, proactive approach to feel energized and empowered instead. The more you operate from this position of strength when searching, the more motivated you'll be to take time to do the work AND you'll have more energy to do other things you love (#worklifebalancegoals).

While digging into this content, you can enjoy wine and snacks in the pop-up location of Of/Mercer, all for free. The career convo will be one hour (6-7pm) and then participants will have time to shop and mingle (7-8pm).

Register here!

About Of/Mercer: Founded by two women tired of figuring out workwear (and real talk: being late as a result), this is “workwear” women want to wear. Our clothing is totally office-appropriate, and more importantly, it’s designed to make you feel incredible. (Because a killer outfit makes all the difference.) While we personally haven’t nailed the work-life balance thing, our clothing definitely has. In office parlance: It’s a game-changer.

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How to Find a Fulfilling Career to Improve Your Overall Health (and vice versa)

According to the Pew Research Center, 51% of Americans say they aren’t very satisfied with their careers. We spend so much of our time at work, and that built up dissatisfaction can impact all other areas of our lives if we don’t address it. And yet, when we talk about wellness, we rarely talk about its relationship to our work lives: happiness in our careers can make us healthier and being healthier can enable us to thrive at our jobs. 

Whether you’re planning to change jobs and unsure of how to go about the process, or you’re just looking for ways to manage work-related stressors to improve your health, this discussion has you covered. Conversely, if you love your job but your health is interfering with your ability to perform, we’ll also discuss simple food and fitness habits to improve your energy.  

You’ll leave with practical, concrete tools to move you towards feeling engaged and empowered in your work.

Wine and snacks will be served at this free event, along with a chance to shop after the discussion. Register here!

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Mindful Mama: Caring for Your Personal and Professional Self  

Thanks to your feedback about tricky summer schedules, we rescheduled this workshop to the fall!

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but can also include some uncertainty and discomfort. How can you mindfully take care of yourself, both personally and professionally, while preparing for so much change? This workshop will open with a 50 minute prenatal yoga sequence (devoted time for self care!), followed by a guided discussion covering topics such as:

How do you create a maternity plan that will enable you to leave confidently and with knowledge that you can actually let go of checking email and managing projects?

Once baby arrives, how are you going to make sure you're taking care of yourself?

If you find that your values/attitude towards work have shifted, what do you do?

Participants will be invited to enter our drawing for a free 60- minute private prenatal session or career coaching session! Cost is $25/pp - register here!

Meet the Workshop Leaders:

Jenny and Aileen met during their 200 hour yoga teacher training with Amy Leydon at Exhale. They found a common bond through yoga, but have since helped each other navigate both personal and professional journeys. Jenny recently welcomed her first baby in October 2016 and realized she had a calling to share her yoga practice with expecting new moms. She completed her prenatal yoga certification with Bec Conant of Om Births and is thrilled to be a resource for her fellow mamas.

Aileen has helped thousands of people achieve their personal and professional goals through her 10 years of experience in the career coaching field, and most recently through her own holistic wellness platform. Find out more on

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Work Life Balance Workshop

This event was for a local university. If your school or company is interested in this session, reach out through the contact page to learn more.

In this session, we’ll dive into the ever-popular topic of work/life balance. Using an interactive approach, we’ll assess and define what this concept means to you personally and discuss challenges and best practices in this space. We’ll also brainstorm ideas for how to prioritize self-care and cover some examples of corporate wellness trends to understand how organizations are contributing to employee health. You'll leave with an awareness of how to continue to check in with your level of balance and concrete tools to address it when needed.

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