The smartest decision I made when I changed careers was to work with Aileen on my job search.
— Sheila O, April 2017


No matter what stage you're at in your career, or what services you're interested in, we can start with a free 30 minute consultation. This will help us ensure we're a good fit and that any questions you may have about the process are answered before moving forward. I'm based in the Boston area and all services are available either in person or via phone/Skype/Zoom.

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Pure Style Photography

one-on-one coaching options

PACKAGE OF 3 sessions: 

    • Includes three 60 minute coaching sessions, follow up emails after each with a recap of your action items, and any resources we discussed; AND Unlimited email access after the first session for quick questions (reviewing documents in great detail will be subject to hourly billing rates)
    • Perfect if: You're interested in starting some self-exploration to understand what paths/roles may be a good fit AND/OR you want to have a few sessions to do the job search basics (resume and cover letter updates, create a job search strategy, interview prep, etc.)

    6 month Coaching Program:

    • Includes two 60 minute coaching sessions per month to create both structure and accountability. It also includes handouts, a 20-page self-assessment guide (if relevant), follow up emails after each meeting with a recap of your action items, and any resources we discussed; AND Unlimited email access after the first session for quick questions.

    • Perfect if: You're truly committed to your goals, whether it's finding work or creating new lifestyle habits to do more of what you love. The process of making these changes can feel like a black hole, and without much structure many feel overwhelmed. This program will enable you to move forward with clarity, consistent guidance, and momentum.

    After a year of testing, I've found that a one-time session doesn't usually align with what my clients need to be successful in this space since this work takes time and consistent effort.  Single sessions are available upon request for unique instances (for example, if you have an offer and need help making a decision/negotiating, or need to update your resume for an internal move).

    coaching on demand

    boston career coach

    In addition to one-on-one coaching, my "Find Work You Love" online program is a fantastic option for busy professionals. If you want the flexibility to work on your career exploration/job search on your own time but also want support and individual attention, this program is for you!

    Registration is open again for 2018! For the recording to my related webinar "4 Essential Steps to Find Work You Love" click here!


    boston corporate wellness

    American businesses lose $300 billion annually to lowered productivity, absenteeism, health-care, and related costs stemming from stress. Stress is the root cause of the majority of chronic illness. Offering workshops and programs that address these health concerns and reduce stress benefits both the employer and employee.

    If you're interested in offering these services to your employees, or you think your employer should, let's talk. Previous topics I've run include: work-life balancemindful eating, staying healthy on business trips, "You Are What Your Skin Eats", and yoga in the office to counteract so much sitting.