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Ladies Lounge: Second Annual Spring Wellness Expo

We all do it...We start off the New Year with a laundry list of goals: drink more water, get more sleep, find a better work/life balance etc. But by March, the winter blues have taken over and a lot of those wellness goals we set for ourselves take a back seat to Netflix and left over Valentines Day candy.

Now that it is April, Just Us Gals is bringing together some of the inspiring leaders in Boston's wellness community to help get us back on track. Join us for a guided meditation and then stick around for the expo and meet experts (like Aspire with Aileen!) that are helping us live healthier, happier lives in 2018.

Sign up now through this link!

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2:00 PM14:00

Spring Clean From The Outside In

I'll be hosting this "Tune in Tuesday" 15 minute segment in collaboration with Fitspot Wellness. Learn about how to maximize the new energy this time of year brings. Detoxify your cleaning and personal care items to keep your house and health as clean as possible for optimal health and energy! Register here.

Interested in programming like this at your company? Reach out and let's discuss it!

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Healthy Wealthy and Slim Summit

Do you wake up exhausted and overwhelmed? Ready to finally gain back your childhood energy, vitality, and healthy glow?  It is with honor that I invite you to join me in this completely FREE action packed, information filled and transformational interview series HEALTHY WEALTHY AND SLIM; Because YOU Deserve it ALL! Her stand is that Health is everything to everyone, Wealth is abundance and the invitation of what we truly want into our lives and Slim is the chance that you (our viewers) will fall back into your self-defeating old habits when you follow us. 

Sandy has a diverse line-up for this summit (I’m honored to be included!)), including health and wellness experts, speakers, authors, business and success coaches and even love and relationship coaches and mentors. Tune in for this free summit and register here.

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9:00 AM09:00

Women in Action Conference (Speaker)

I'm thrilled to be a speaker at the first Women in Action Personal Development Conference. The Conference is titled "I am Woman" - Get Empowered, Enriched, Educated and Entrepreneurial.

Personal and Professional Development topics will inspire women to nurture themselves, cultivate their personal potential and develop in all aspects of life. I'll be speaking on "Balancing Priorities & Managing Stress" in the education portion of the program.

Details and registration can be found here. Hope to see you there!


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How to Find a Fulfilling Career to Improve Your Overall Health (and vice versa)

According to the Pew Research Center, 51% of Americans say they aren’t very satisfied with their careers. We spend so much of our time at work, and that built up dissatisfaction can impact all other areas of our lives if we don’t address it. And yet, when we talk about wellness, we rarely talk about its relationship to our work lives: happiness in our careers can make us healthier and being healthier can enable us to thrive at our jobs. 

Whether you’re planning to change jobs and unsure of how to go about the process, or you’re just looking for ways to manage work-related stressors to improve your health, this discussion has you covered. Conversely, if you love your job but your health is interfering with your ability to perform, we’ll also discuss simple food and fitness habits to improve your energy.  

You’ll leave with practical, concrete tools to move you towards feeling engaged and empowered in your work.

Wine and snacks will be served at this free event, along with a chance to shop after the discussion. Register here!

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8:30 AM08:30

Move with Mindfulness

Running this event again, back by popular demand! 

In this FREE 60-minute vinyasa yoga class, you'll move through a fluid sequence that balances strength and power with stretch and surrender. Students will be encouraged to slow down their minds by connecting to their breathing. Class will finish with a long and restorative savasana so you can tackle the rest of your weekend feeling more grounded and centered. I'll encourage you to connect your yoga to life off of the mat both throughout the practice and afterwards when sharing a few tips for mindful eating... before Juice Press provides free juice tastings!

All levels welcome. Register here and bring your own mat!

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From Stressed to Savasana

Have you heard that up to 90% percent of doctor visits are attributed to stress-related illnesses? Or that sitting is the new smoking?

Come flow through a free 60 minute all levels vinyasa yoga class to counteract your desk job. Restore your body and mind to balance out constant phone/computer use (Tech Neck is real!) and regain the energy needed to manage nonstop meetings and a never ending to do list.

You'll also learn simple techniques to combat stress that you can realistically incorporate into your life in under 5 minutes per day.

Register or share the link with friends here.

Please bring your own mat - RSVP required!

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5:00 PM17:00

Mindful Eating

Do you eat lunch at your desk, reaching down to grab another chip only to notice the bag is empty? Or after working long hours, do you graze on so many snacks while making dinner that you're full before the real meal starts?

In this discussion, we'll cover why the way we eat matters, including the ways it impacts us from our weight to our actual enjoyment of food in general! We'll also go over strategies for how to incorporate more mindful eating practices into our everyday lives.

Participants can also enter to win a free mini-intensive health coaching session to get even more support on all of their health and wellness goals.

RSVP required, but the event is open to all. Check in with security at the front desk before heading up to the 8th floor.

Full details and registration here!

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10:30 AM10:30

Work Life Balance Workshop

This event was for a local university. If your school or company is interested in this session, reach out through the contact page to learn more.

In this session, we’ll dive into the ever-popular topic of work/life balance. Using an interactive approach, we’ll assess and define what this concept means to you personally and discuss challenges and best practices in this space. We’ll also brainstorm ideas for how to prioritize self-care and cover some examples of corporate wellness trends to understand how organizations are contributing to employee health. You'll leave with an awareness of how to continue to check in with your level of balance and concrete tools to address it when needed.

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11:30 AM11:30

Yoga and Meditation for Self-Love

Join Stephanie Kirylych and me for a unique class, focused on fostering a healthy relationship with yourself. Class will include a 60 minute vinyasa yoga sequence with an emphasis on heart-opening asanas, a self-love guided Kundalini meditation, and an extended savasana. Afterwards, continue to nourish yourself with delicious juice tastings from Juice Press and free samples of Good Medicine Beauty Lab and Emmy's Organics products.

This 75 minute class + free samples and juice is $25/pp. Signup directly here- or check out 

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