I’ve worked with other health/lifestyle coaches in the past but never achieved the results that I have in my work with Aileen.  She takes time to understand your current state of health, diagnoses the barriers to achieving your goals, and helps you identify what motivates you to success.  The process she uses is unlike any I have experienced, by breaking goals down into smaller objectives that spark the larger wins you are seeking, she helps make even the loftiest aspirations attainable.  Aileen is knowledgeable without being overbearing and balances the necessary challenge and support needed to feel like you have a true partner in your path to a healthy lifestyle!
— Scott, current 6 month program client

Health Coaching Offerings

Aspire with Aileen, LLC | Holistic Health Coaching and Wellness.

mini-intensive session

This is a great option if you feel pretty confident about your habits but need a refresh, or if you're considering the 6 month program but would like to "try before you buy." In this 60 minute one time consult, we'll go over your background, current habits, and concerns.

You'll walk away with 2-3 tangible action items to make small but impactful changes.

Aspire with Aileen, LLC | Holistic Health Coaching and Wellness.

6 month coaching package (recommended) 

If you're committed to your health and making sustainable change, this is the ideal program for you. The 6 month duration enables us to have enough time to truly change your habits (that takes time!). Special events/travel, changing of seasons, and life events can be challenging to navigate, so we'll face them together and determine how to be successful through these normal life events. 

This program includes two 60 minute sessions/month, healthy and simple recipes, email support between meetings, recaps and action item reminders after each session, informative handouts, and more!

corporate wellness boston health coaching

Corporate Wellness

American businesses lose $300 billion annually to lowered productivity, absenteeism, health-care, and related costs stemming from stress. Stress is the root cause of the majority of chronic illness. Offering workshops and programs that address these health concerns and reduce stress benefits both the employer and employee.

If you're interested in offering these services to your employees, or you think your employer should, let's talk. Previous topics: work-life balance, kicking sugar cravings, mindful eating, staying healthy on business trips, and yoga in the office to counteract so much sitting.

“I enlisted Aileen to help me on my journey to feel and look my best on my wedding day. I can say 100% that with the help of her, and her health coaching, I felt the best I ever have on my wedding day. It wasn’t just about my weight or my looks, but more about my mind-set and overall attitude. While I felt that I looked beautiful (my husband said I looked like a smokeshow!), I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. She reminded me to take a step back on that day and focus on what the day was all about. I never would’ve thought to have done that without her guidance. She was always readily available for any questions or pieces of advice and never made me feel like I was a failure when I would have a cheat day or two. She was never judgmental and would merely make me think about the choices I was making and what was making me feel good and bad. I have continued to use her advice and methods even after we have concluded our sessions and continue to feel stronger both mentally and physically. I would, without a doubt, recommend her to anyone that is looking to enhance what they are already doing to make themselves feel better. Working with her was one of the best decisions I made in wedding planning.” - Melissa H., 2017

Aileen was incredibly responsive in addressing my unique needs. She tailored her coaching style and recommendations to ensure that I felt comfortable making the changes to my health plan needed to reach my goals. Whenever we spoke, she followed up with detailed recaps of our conversation containing tips and recipes, which enabled me to move forward in my plan. Her approachable personality made me feel comfortable sharing my concerns with her, and she was always supportive and non-judgmental in addressing these concerns. I can’t recommend working with Aileen highly enough!
— Matt D., December 2016
After my mini-intensive health coaching session with Aileen I immediately noticed a change in my thinking around food. As a working new mom, I was really struggling with meal planning and slowing down to actually enjoy my food. Aileen’s tips around mindfulness and planning were super helpful. I have made small but impactful changes based on Aileen’s suggestions. What a difference!
— Hilary A., February 2017


Pure Style Photography

Pure Style Photography

I completed my 200-Hour Yoga Alliance teaching certification in July of 2016 and studied under Amy Leydon and David Magone. I'm available for corporate wellness workshops or to discuss how you can personally explore yoga for your own energy and stress management. For inquiries, reach out here

Other than meaning "to strive for," the word aspire is also traced back to the breath, making yoga a perfect complement to these other offerings. 


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