My Approach

goal setting career change

At the heart of our work together is you; I use a person-centered approach to career coaching and am incredibly passionate about helping people move towards achieving career satisfaction. All of the information you receive will be tailored to meet the realities of your life and its circumstances. Whether you're certain about your career path or completely lost, the process can often times feel intimidating and unstructured. I work with individuals to create structure and help them identify and set concrete goals.

Many times, exploring a new career path or moving forward with trying to land a position in a chosen career field falls at the bottom of the to-do list. Sometimes this happens because people are busy, and other times it's because the process seems too daunting.  Using a goal-oriented approach, and working with me to keep you accountable, will help you go from feeling stuck to feeling productive and like you have more momentum in your process. 

Want to get a better sense of my style? Read some of my blog posts or download my free cover letter writing guide. You'll learn how to write material employers will actually read and make the process more painless too!

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