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My mission is to help exhausted professionals restore their energy, feel like their best selves, and do what they love. This mission permeates each area of my business. Whether it's supporting someone in making lifestyle changes to feel healthier, or guiding someone through the challenges of a job search to land a role that's a better fit, I have a passion for helping people go from overwhelmed to feeling confident and able to take action.

No matter what your goals are, I hope these guides and related posts I've written help you to feel the same way!  

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Cover Letter Writing Guide

Want to learn how to write effective cover letters and feel less frustrated in the process? This guide breaks down the common frustrations that come with cover letters (What's the point of them? What info do I include? How long should it be? How do I start?!) and give you tools to cut through writer's block.

I now use Aileen’s “Cover Writing Guide” every time I write a cover letter, and its the single best resource I’ve found in my job searching process. Honestly, she has unlocked the mystery for me in cover letter writing and more importantly, how to decipher a job description so you can really understand what the potential employer is looking for. Its like magic but way simpler! - Amanda, current client
boston career coach

Interviewing Guide

"Tell me about yourself" and "What's a weakness of yours?" bring many interviewees into panic mode. Learn what information employers are actually looking to hear when they ask these questions, along with a simple but often forgotten tactic to nailing an interview.

The HR rep said he's been interviewing people for 15 years and I was the most prepared candidate he had ever interviewed! - Sheila, previous client

Want additional interview support? Read these two robust blog posts filled with tips:

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Stress relieving actitivies you can do in under 5 minutes/day

All of this job searching have you stressed? Or perhaps you have a job you love but it's still not without stress, along with managing the responsibilities in other areas of your life. The tools in this guide are all scientifically proven to reduce stress. 

Learn more about the impact stress has on your body, and how to protect your energy from stress-inducing people in the blog posts below.